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Business Capital

Business Capital

"Improve access to capital for entrepreneurs."  

InnovateTech Ventures

InnovateTech Ventures is a venture creation firm. They build high potential startups primarily based on patented technology developed at universities. They operate the Economic Development Venture Creation (EDVC) Program which brings together university technologies, experienced entrepreneurs and funding to create high potential university spinout companies that support local economic development.

Invest Local

The Invest Local project is a growing collaboration between investors, entrepreneurs, and community initiatives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, housed under the Staunton Creative Community Fund.


Shenandoah Valley Angel Investors (SVAI) is a network of private investors that help fund entrepreneurial enterprises located in our communities. SVAI’s founding members have broad experience, spanning multiple market sectors, including: Manufacturing; Healthcare; Construction; Public Accounting; Outdoor Recreation; Legal; Senior Assisted Living; Insurance; Distribution and Logistics; Agriculture; Commercial Real Estate; Property Management; Government and Technology.  

SVAI’s primary interest is Start-Up/Early Stage business ventures with funding needs in the range of $50,000 to $300,000 that leverage technology to create a new product or service. A review committee assesses and ranks business proposals based on several factors, including: market potential; scalability; new job creation; intellectual property; competition; management team; business acumen; capital intensity; and potential return on an equity investment.   

SVAI’s members meet once a quarter to hear presentations by the top ranked business proposals and determine if they want to invest. The investment decision is solely up to each investor in the network.   

To learn more about SVAI, contact George Pace at                                                                

Staunton Creative Community Fund

The Staunton Creative Community Fund is helping to build and foster the New Economy by: supporting and funding local entrepreneurs; incubating non-profits and other community projects; creating spaces for inspiration, collaboration, and new connections in the community.

Virginia Small Business Financing Authority (VSBFA)

The Virginia Small Business Finance Authority (VSBFA) is the Commonwealth of Virginia's economic development and small business financing arm. They help Virginia's existing businesses and those businesses that are seeking to come to Virginia through our extensive portfolio of financing programs. Although they do not offer grants, they add value by helping Virginia's financial institutions offer business loans that they might not be able to offer without their assistance.