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To accelerate innovation, creativity, and economic development across the Shenandoah Valley through the active collaboration of business, government, community, and academic organizations.


We envision the Shenandoah Valley as a thriving, globally-connected ecosystem that attracts, seeds, and grows talent and business.


  1. Create a shared understanding of and commitment to innovation for the purpose of healthy social and economic growth.
  2. Improve access to capital for entrepreneurs.
  3. Create a variety of collaborative spaces, resources & events, both physical and virtual.
  4. Build a vibrant, diverse mentoring network.
  5. Develop the capacity to attract, seed and grow new and existing talent and business.


Global Perspective: We recognize that our global interdependence provides inspiration, competition, resources and customers for Shenandoah Valley-based innovations.

Sustainability: We promote sustainability through a triple bottom line that balances people, profit, and planet.

Accountability: As a coalition, we hold each partner (business, academic, government) accountable to keep its commitments in order to achieve results.

Inclusiveness: Our resources and opportunities will be relevant and welcoming to a diverse set of people, businesses and ideas.

Collaboration: We seek to achieve our innovation vision for the Shenandoah Valley by actively collaborating in activities, resources and processes.

Trust: We value trust as the basis for speedily achieving our goals through ethical, balanced, fair, transparent and respectful interactions and decision-making.